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How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Path

Born on September 29th Horoscope: Lucky Numbers, Days, Colors, Birthstones, Tarot Card..

People of this Number are expressing themselves openly and directly, they are able to make the others feel their sincerity and determination. From birth, those born under Number 29 have a serious outlook on life. Emotional characteristics . Based on the date of the month you were born, your birthday number tells your Other characteristics include increased sensitivity and high levels of empathy.

You dislike superficiality and like to look beyond the surface of things. Quiet time alone away from the hustle and bustle of life is vital to your wellbeing. Be sure to follow your instincts. You have a logical, practical mind and a talent for business. You have the ability to be self-employed or a manager, a team leader or a supervisor. Both your appearance and your achievements are important to you.

You may also be creatively talented in some way. You can be competitive and insecure, and like to be number one. Michelle Buchanan, pictured, predicts the future using numerology, which can help with opportunities. But you can also be easily hurt and taken advantage of by others. When you believe in yourself, you can achieve big things. You possess the independence and determination of the 1, combined with the kindness and compassion of the 2. You combine the strength and determination of the 1 with the creative mind of the 3. Your challenge is to make a commitment and stick with it.

Be mindful of addiction and overindulgence.

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With their unique combination of altruistic intuition and imagination, these people give much to others and share their burdens. You love to fight for the underdog and have a strong sense of justice. The captivating Agate is the birthstone said to be representative for Gemini people born with May It is also the case that you are most likely going to be caring and understanding as a result of your zodiac symbol. May 29 Zodiac Poll. Can i get inspiration quotes about my birthday.

Love and family are important to you. Deep, contemplative and intuitive, you look beyond the surface of things. Personal development and a complete overcoming of the ego is the key to your success. You combine the leadership qualities of your number 1 with the intuition and logic of your 7, making you a gifted decision-maker to whom others look for guidance.

Patience and tolerance are keys to your success.

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When you admit your mistakes and accept advice from others, you increase your potential for success. A talented leader, you are often respected by others.

You can be indecisive and insecure; however, self-confidence is your key to success. Numerology can help you to predict the cycles of life, and to enable you to grab opportunities coming your way. However, you must be mindful not to use your words to gossip or complain. You have the gift of added insight when you combine your intuition with your logical mind. You work well with others and have the ability to lead large projects when you focus and apply yourself.

You like excitement and adventure and need your freedom to do your own thing. You enjoy networking with others and offering advice. Needing quiet time alone to process your thoughts and contemplate life, you may appear distant or guarded at times. Do certain numbers always seem to follow you around? Do you always find yourself in the same seat number at the cinema, always being allocated the same locker number at the gym, or always living in a house or flat with the same number?

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It might be a single number that seems to follow you around, in which case the guide below will help you understand its meaning. Or it might be a combination, reflecting different things going on in your life. For example, could mean that love is on its way 6 once you create stability in your life 4 and make positive changes 5.

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Recurring 1s. Create a new beginning. Leave the past behind. Be courageous and strong.

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Break away from the pack and embrace your individuality. Recurring 2s. Cooperate with others and be diplomatic. You should prepare for a romantic relationship coming into your life. Learn to follow your intuition. Recurring 3s. Express yourself creatively. Take up a new hobby. Go on holiday. Be mindful of gossip, criticism and complaining. Recurring 4s. Ground yourself and create more stability in your life.

Start building a foundation for your future and focus on your health. Recurring 5s. Prepare for positive change. Be flexible and go with the flow. Break free from restraints and meet new people. Communicate your thoughts and ideas and promote yourself. Recurring 6s. Love is on its way. Put effort into your relationships and spend quality time with your children. Recurring 7s. Read, study or do research. Go back to college and master your craft. Teach others. Travel and spend time with nature and the great outdoors — especially in or near water.

Recurring 8s. Budget your finances and deal with your outstanding debts. Focus on your career. Consider becoming self-employed. Accept the recognition that is coming your way. Recurring 9s. Be open to transformation and let go of what no longer serves you. They are the people who will be a shoulder for their friends to cry on, a morale booster at work and a charity worker in their spare time. They will often be drawn to people who are lonely and insecure because they hope that offering their friendship will reinforce the self-esteem of those who feel fragile.

They often present a lighthearted, youthful and energetic face to the world, and others will love the fact that they rarely complain or drag people down with negativity. Their aim is always to uplift and help others, and while they may be accused of superficiality, underneath their charm and innocence they have all the drive and competitive edge they need to achieve their goals. They often have a talent for making money, and lots of it, although their competitive drive is motivated by a desire to share their vision and happiness with others, rather than gain personal success.

Although their dedication to bringing pleasure to others is admirable, they occasionally need to give themselves a boost as well. If their behavior becomes too self-sacrificing, they may suffer from bouts of indecision and anxiety about their own personal focus and motivation. Before the age of twenty they may be inclined to be shy or reserved but after twenty-three they will enjoy opportunities to develop their personal power and creativity.

It is vital that they take advantage of these because in this period their intellect, imagination and understanding of the needs of others can help them make their own dreams, as well as the dreams of others, a practical reality. People born on June 29 Zodiac can easily attract people with their optimistic, upbeat, caring approach and they usually think in twosomes.

March 29 Zodiac

They may be drawn toward partners who are insecure in some way but since they are prone to insecurity themselves, they might be better choosing someone less needy. Once in a relationship they are often exceedingly generous with those they love and may need to temper their giving impulse to allow their partner or children to stand on their own two feet.

People born on this day have a tendency to put others before themselves, and although this is commendable they need to remember to take care of themselves as well. They are also prone to taking on the burdens of others and this can sometimes result in emotional difficulties or even co-dependent relationships. As far as diet and lifestyle are concerned, they may have a craving for sweet foods, foods high in fat, alcohol, or recreational drugs; they need to counteract this with a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of exercise.

Any form of aerobic exercise is recommended as it will boost their cardiovascular and respiratory health.

Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color red will increase their self-confidence and help them distance themselves from those who might drag them down. These people are well suited to careers in education, the fashion, leisure, and beauty industries, and careers connected to the home and family. They also have natural skills in working for a charitable cause.