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These features helps delineating the horoscope for comprehensive analysis.

RVA Software completely web based horoscope software. Ajax search feature is very helpful by searching existing profile using single click you can re generate horoscope again.

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Vedic Astrology Mother of all astrological systems. Given more preference to adipathyas.

Western Astrology Angle between the two planets considered. KP Astrology Extension of Vedic astrology.

Given preference to bhavas, constellations, western aspects. Varga Charts. Responsive Now users can access from mobile or desktop to prepare janma kundali online by click.

Ayanamsa Lahari ayanamsa is most popular one. You can switch to kp ayanams, kp old ayanams. Dark Mode Users can switch to light mode to dark mode. All the person had to do was tell me how much fit them.

Effect of Seventh Lord in the Ascendant

I went over sections that definitely didn't fit me, and they would say, "Yes", that fits. Along the way, I shifted from wanting to disprove astrology to becoming enamored with it and wanting to explore it more deeply.

How I became proficient in astrology

Free library of astrology Sashtras: After learning the basics of Vedic astrology, Click here to start Introduction to Indian Vedic Astrology and 10 basic lessons. "Astrologer", free astrology lessons from noted astrologer for beginners, V K " Free Online Learn Vedic Astrology Lessons - Theory Course for beginners", " Free.

I began studying all of the best books on Western astrology , and tested what I discovered. I grew in my mastery of Western astrology, and became sought after for birth chart readings, chart comparisons, predictive readings, etc. But much more was to come.

Tutorials and Lessons in Western and Vedic Astrology

One day, at Shambhala bookstore, I picked up a Vedic astrology book. I opened the book randomly and read "[with this configuration] you will have leprosy".


I was shocked both by the harsh language, and by the statement's inaccuracy nowadays, how many people get leprosy , and put the book down and stayed away from Vedic astrology for years. The conference didn't just have Hellenistic astrology classes, but also lectures on Vedic astrology.

About Vedic Astrology

The talks were great and helped me to open to Vedic astrology. I decided to try to learn Vedic astrology by immersing myself in the top classical works, but much to my chagrin, without a teacher I was lost. I then heard that the renowned Vedic astrologer Hart de Fouw was coming to town to give lectures on Vedic astrology.

I attended them and was blown away by the depth of his knowledge and the incredible power of Vedic astrology. Hart became my Vedic Guru and I have studied with him for over a decade.